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New to PayIt Fort Smith? We’ll help you pay and manage your utility bills with ease.

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  • Pay a Fort Smith utility bill plus-icon minus-icon

    After locating your account (see Link to a Fort Smith Utility Account), follow these steps to pay your utility bill on PayIt Fort Smith:   1. From the PayIt Fort Smith dashboard, click Available Bills and then select the blue Pay Bill button.   N...
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  • Can I pay multiple bills at one time? plus-icon minus-icon

    Yes! Follow the directions below to pay multiple utility bills in a single transaction on PayIt Fort Smith:   1. After linking your accounts (see How do I link a utility account to my profile?), click in the Available Bills section of the dashboar...
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  • Make a Partial Payment on PayIt Fort Smith - Video Tutorial plus-icon minus-icon

    Make a partial payment on PayIt Fort Smith quickly and easily. Watch the below video tutorial to get started: See Can I make a partial payment? for a step-by-step guide. 
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  • Can I make a partial payment? plus-icon minus-icon

    Yes! Utility bills can be paid in full or in part on on PayIt Fort Smith. After locating your utility account (see How do I link a utility account to my profile?) follow the steps below to make a partial payment for your utility bill:   1. Select ...
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